Women in today’s society face many unique pressures. They can choose between having children or not. Focus on a career, family, or balance both. Get married, remain single, or choose a partner–male or female. Within each of these lifestyles, women take on many roles. We bring internalized expectations in these roles of ourselves and others. You may be focusing on many conflicts. You may feel stretched too thin.

Among the many pressures facing women, the most common are related to:

  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Personal growth and fulfillment
  • Health issues
  • Self esteem and body image
  • Past or present abuse and trauma

Women and girls tend to feel shame and self doubt when expressing themselves and making life choices. Do you strive to do it all? Do you find yourself worrying about what others may think of you? Do you frequently feel stressed or anxious?

In psychotherapy, you can find support, connection, and comfort in a nonjudgmental setting focused on empathy and respect. You can begin to understand your expectations of yourself and your relationships as we explore your emotions, experiences, and needs. You may discover ideas or insights that can help you find new directions or increase your focus. You may find more empowerment, hope, and happiness.