There are many everyday stressors in life. There are challenges and demands in the workplace, at school, at home, and in social situations. Some stressors can be easily set aside or temporarily forgotten. Others can be severe and reduce your enjoyment in and quality of life.

Has worry or stress in your life become excessive? If you’re suffering from anxiety, you may feel like your worrying is uncontrollable or suffer from panic attacks with physical symptoms (palpitations, shakiness, chest pain, shortness of breath). You may frequently feel overwhelmed or on edge.

Whether your concerns and stressors are mild or excessive, seeking therapy can help. Together, we can explore your individual experiences and stressors. We can introduce and utilize appropriate desensitizing strategies, self-soothing skills, and relaxation techniques in therapy sessions.

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents
Children and adolescents experiencing anxiety may have an overwhelming sense of worry. Feelings of worry and self doubt may be related to a specific event or activity, either real or imagined. If you’ve noticed your child or teen frequently seems sad or worried, needs constant reassurance, or is experiencing panic attacks, therapy can help. Robyn can work with your child or teen to explore his or her feelings and the experiences related to them.  She can work with you to develop effective strategies for supporting your child and taking care of yourself while facing these challenges.